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Chemical manufacturing just got a lot greener.

And we’re ready to scale to meet worldwide demand for green chemical intermediates.

We can offer customers a safer, more sustainable alternative to fossil-based acrylonitrile using renewable feedstocks like glycerol. And here’s why it matters.


It’s Much Safer.

The conventional fossil route has a dangerous safety profile. Production of acrylonitrile from propylene emits an enormous of heat and produces large quantities of hydrogen cyanide. Our solution generates 1/3 the heat and no hydrogen cyanide.


It’s Proven.

With secure intellectual property created over 7 years and $9M in funding, Trillium has created a sustainable competitive advantage. Our patented technology relies on high performance catalysis requiring no biology. Through traditional thermochemical processes, we have discovered a cost-competitive way to make acrylic molecules.


Localized, More Resilient Supply.

Unlike propylene feedstocks, our raw materials are widely available around the world and exhibit much lower price volatility. The use of biorenewable feedstocks opens markets and allows the siting of production in locations 100% reliant on imports.


It’s Better for the Environment.

6 million tons of acrylonitrile are produced every year around the globe using fossil resources, resulting in 30 megatons of greenhouse gas emissions. Our process replaces oil and natural gas feedstocks with renewable raw materials and the carbon footprint by 75 percent.